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Our Services

With more than 20 years’ experience, our audit and forensic accounting team have acted as independent experts on behalf of businesses, individuals and government departments.

At Vera Services we understand that running a business is challenging at the best of times. So whether you need tax advice or strategic business planning, we’re always here to help.

With a focus on building long-term relationships and partnerships to all our clients, we’ll ask you the big questions today that help plan a meaningful future for you and your family.

We specialise in making tax simple, and we are committed to minimising the impact of taxation on our clients. With over 20 years as a leader in taxation accounting.

Why choose us

High quality services

We treat clients as individuals and we endeavor to find out what each value and expects from us.

Proactive advising

Where ever possible we proactively advise our clients on how to best capitalize on their situation.

Excellent solutions

We know our limits, and are willing to refer our clients to specialists in areas which we are not specialized in.

Structured business planning

Structured business planning is the best way to minimize tax and help clients to achieve their business goals.

18 Years Experience

We have a passion to help businesses achieve positive cash flow and grow in an ever-changing environment.

Great Support

We help business owners and teams with clear direction and support every step of the way.